Kate Dibble

Dear Andrei,

I am writing to thank you for your help and support during my recovery process.

Coming from a sporty background I found it a massive struggle to be forced into a situation where my training had literally become nothing. You were the first person that actually gave me the advice that I needed and suggested sensible exercises to ensure that the muscle wastage in my leg would be kept as minimal as possible. At this time it was the hope that I needed to push through the long summer with no work and no distractions.

I would also like to thank you for your continued help and support through my rehabilitation and now as I progress into training for the Cardiff half marathon in March next year. I honestly didn’t believe that 6 months after breaking my leg I would have the strength in my leg to be able to run longer distances with no pain after and especially not to be training to run a half marathon again.

Putting these things into words is always difficult but please know how grateful I am for your support. It is encouraging to have been able to find someone so competent in a foreign country where, quite honestly, it has been a struggle to find the sports and health professionals required even before I had the accident.  There are many working in this field but few who have the same passion, drive and knowledge as yourself.

Warmest regards,

Kate Dibble

Teacher at the British school of Bucharest – BSB