Daniele Jasmin

In November, 2007 I had the opportunity to be invited to the beautiful Spa Orange downtown Montreal. This is where I had the greatest massage experience of my life. I’m use to massages therefore I can easily compare different techniques. The technique used by Andrei Simion (Spa Assistant Manager at the moment) was totally different and new to me. Back in 2009, I also received treatment from Andreï at Rain Spa, where Andrei was spa assistant director and first massage therapist. Actually, Andreï became my personnal therapist from day one and I was following him wherever he was, to receive my treatment. The benefits were so great that I later introduced him to the Human Ressources department at my employer. While living in Montreal, Andreï became the company therapist and was providing chair massages once a week to our employees. My only regret ? He no longer lives in Montreal ! So to whoever can experience Andreï’s unique technique, well, ENJOY !!! Daniele Jasmin Mrs. Danièle Jasmine – Manager “TVA Publications” Québecor Media, no. 7, chemin Bates, Outremont (Québec) H2V 4V7