George N. Gillet

It is with enthusiasm and enjoyment that I am writing to recommend Mr. Andrei Simion as a massage therapist and kinesiologist. For over 20 years I have been in the sports sphere as a huge fan, but also as an investor. Being the owner of the Montreal Canadians Hockey Club it was in my interest to have the best physical therapists and massage therapists to have a top team. I hope my view and opinion about Mr. Andrei Simion will be beneficial to the physical therapy admissions committees that will evaluate this exceptional candidate. I first came in contact with Mr. Andrei Simion during the spring semester of the 2008, when I experienced probably the best massage I ever received in my life. That day, Mr. Andrei Simion presented the idea that he would like to become a physical therapist in one of the major sports team all over the world. I know that Mr. Andrei Simion graduated a Bachelor in Science, in Medical Research, and that he also has a Master degree in Nutrition, and that his next goal is to obtain a diploma in Osteopathy. During the seven years spent in the university, he also studied and practiced as a massage therapist and kinesiologist, but also as a personal trainer, his great results being defined by a unique approach. During the time I have known Mr. Simion he has shown energetic enthusiasm for accomplish his dream of working with a high rated sports team. I know Mr. Simion is a highly motivated and interested in practicing as physical therapist, being a kind and compassionate individual who is committed to helping people through his knowledge. I advise you to thoughtfully consider Mr. Andrei Simion’s application. I have the highest admiration for his achievements and I look forward to seeing his future success in physical therapy field. Sincerely, George N. Gillett, Jr. Former Chairman Montreal Canadians Hockey Team