Marjo Vaessen

Hi! My name is Marjo Vaessen. I am currently living in Romania and originally from the Netherlands. I have my own consultancy business, am a mother of three and try to be a good partner for my (expat) husband. The last means dealing with every day family life, school, homework etc. I never really was “into” therapists. Mainly, because I never trained for sports on a semi-professional basis. Last year after turning 40, I decided to start working on things to do on my bucket list. So, I started skiing and decided to train for the New York marathon. Training for a marathon takes dedication, which I knew. BUT in August 2014 the trap of training all alone occurred: I hit the wall. I am not sure whether that was triggered physically or psychologically. Result: I had a very bad hip injury and jeopardized training for & finishing the marathon. One of my friends recommended Andrei, which I am still grateful off. I went to see Andrei – still get goose bumps thinking of this – literally 2 sessions of therapy and coaching talks during these sessions I was not only able to run again, more importantly, I found the inner peace and strength to enjoy my running again. Throughout the remainder months (Aug-Nov) I had 2 times a week 2 hour sessions with Andrei. Personally, I feel he is the best therapist a sportsman (woman) could wish for. Yes, the deep tissue massage hurts a lot, but Andrei is so capable in it, you just know the result is a healthy, fit and flexible body. Next to the great physical therapist Andrei is, I cherish the coaching/ pep talks throughout my entire preparation. He gave me the self – confidence and the trust I needed to finish the New York marathon without pain or injuries. And still after the marathon, I feel this boost in self confidence he gave me as a mum, a partner, a business owner and sportswoman.